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Director of Sales, Assisted Living

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Title: Director of Sales, Assisted Living
Location: Starkville, Mississippi

As the Director of Sales for an assisted living community, you are responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive inside and outside sales strategy for the company.

The Director of Sales spends significant time in the local region nurturing referral sources and developing opportunities to share the assisted living community’s story with local families. Additionally, the Director of Sales maintains primary responsibility for interfacing with prospects, providing community tours and moving prospects through the sales funnel in order to meet established occupancy goals.

Responsibilities for the Director of Sales
  • Identify and nurture lead referral sources in the community through interfacing and networking with hospital discharge planners, clinicians, medical centers, professional organizations and more.
  • Plan and execute Open Houses and other events on-campus to share the assisted living community’s story with families in the broader region.
  • Coordinate with other departments including dining, housekeeping, activities, wellness and other key staff members to successfully execute on-campus marketing events.
  • Manage other marketing and sales staff, including Assistant Sales Director and Sales Counselor positions, among others.
  • Regularly coordinate with sales and admissions staff members to implement a comprehensive lead nurturing program.
  • Develop an organized, efficient lead generation and nurturing system to guide prospects through the sales funnel and generate opportunities for the assisted living community.
  • Develop and execute an ongoing lead monitoring and analysis system to identify shortcomings and assess the performance of marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Maintain consistent awareness of current market conditions, identifying market trends and competitive knowledge and continuously adapting marketing and sales tactics to maintain desired occupancy goals.
  • Create and manage a referral database of current and potential referral sources, mailing lists, contact information and referral information.
  • Identify and attend relevant community networking events to develop new referral sources and opportunities for the assisted living community.
  • Understand and maintain compliance with all federal, state and local regulations pertaining to the duties of the Director of Sales position, including ensuring the activities of subordinates are within regulations and accepted practices.
  • Maintain compliance with established company policies and procedures, including responsibility for subordinates and other staff members acting in a sales and marketing capacity under the direction of the Director of Sales.
Ideal Candidates for the Director of Sales
  • Self-charger with a dynamic personality
  • Highly motivated
  • Demonstrated ability of success in selling senior communities.
  • A four-year degree from an accredited institution in business, marketing or a related discipline.
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in formal sales and marketing capacity.
  • A minimum of two years’ experience working in a hospitality or healthcare related healthcare environment. Alternatively, the ideal candidate will have relevant coursework or continuing education training related to social services, geriatrics or similar subject areas.

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