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Title: Director of Sales
Location: San Rafael, California

The Director of Sales is a key position for this community will be managing the sales process for the assisted living and memory care apartments.  As the Director of Sales, you bear the responsibility for working with interested families and developing referral sources in the broader region. It’s an important role, interfacing regularly with other key team members to reinforce the assisted living and memory care community’s brand, reputation to achieve maximum occupancy goals.

About the Community and the Director of Sales Role:

We are looking for a strong Sales leader to help drive lease up for the assisted living and memory care division.  You will have a kind nature, and a passion caring for the elderly. This community is well respected in the market.

What Does the Director of Sales for this Assisted Living Job Entail?

Relationship building and Referral Development is key to the success of this sales leadership position.

The Director of Sales will spend significant time in the local market nurturing referral sources and developing opportunities to share the assisted living community’s story with families living in the surrounding markets. Additionally, the Director of Sales maintains primary responsibility for interfacing with prospects, providing senior living community tours and moving prospects through the sales funnel in order to meet established occupancy goals. The Director of Sales usually manages a team of direct subordinates and key staff from other departments who share collective responsibility for ensuring rapid lead response at all times.

In order to continue to achieve occupancy goals, the Director of Sales is responsible for staying in-tune with local market conditions that can impact lead generation. That means you must always be on your toes, identifying new referral sources and keeping a finger on the pulse of your local region to identify strategies to overcome possible obstacles.

Additional Responsibilities for the Sales Director Assisted Living | Assisted Living Jobs
  • The Director of Sales is responsible for identifying and nurturing lead sources in the community through interfacing and networking with hospital discharge planners, clinicians, medical centers, professional organizations and other key healthcare providers and ancillary professionals. This responsibility also involves coordinating with other sales and admissions staff members to implement a comprehensive program for both nurturing lead sources and guiding prospects through the sales funnel to convert leads to move-ins.
  • The Director of Sales takes the lead in planning and executing Open Houses and other events on-campus to share the senior living community’s story with families in the broader region.
  • You will coordinate with other departments including dining, housekeeping, activities, wellness and other key staff members to successfully execute on-campus marketing events. This might include coordinating appetizers for Open Houses and similar events or working with the Dietary Manager to coordinate a presentation for professionals in the local area.
  • The Director of Sales is often responsible for managing other marketing and sales staff, including Assistant Sales Director and Sales Counselor positions, among others.
  • In addition to developing and implementing the community’s overall sales and marketing strategy, the Director of Sales is responsible for the ongoing sales and marketing activities of the admissions team. That means ongoing assessment and evaluation to identify shortcomings and implement changes to ensure that occupancy goals are met.
General Activities for the Sales Director Assisted Living

As the Director of Sales for an assisted living community in the local market, you’ll spend a lot of time both inside and outside the community. You might visit local physicians’ offices or hospitals to meet with discharge planners or social workers who are potential referral sources for your community. Many Directors of Sales create a large referral database of current and potential referral sources for a more thorough and organized marketing process.

You’ll also spend time interfacing with families, providing tours of the community and/or coordinate subordinate staff who assist in these activities. The sales process is often a team effort, with families talking with administrators, the Director of Nursing, marketing and admissions staff, and even other nursing staff members before making a decision. For this reason, it will serve you well to focus on developing positive working relationships with the key staff members in your community so that you can work together towards achieving the community’s goals.

Job descriptions for a Director of Sales, Assisted Living job position typically outline the following requirements:
  • A four-year degree from an accredited institution in business, marketing or a related discipline.
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in a formal sales and marketing capacity.
  • Prior management experience with responsibility for two or more subordinates.
  • A minimum of two years’ experience working in a senior living or related healthcare environment. Alternatively, the ideal candidate will have relevant coursework or continuing education training related to social services, geriatrics or similar subject areas.

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