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Bradley Harris & Associates is a highly specialized team of assisted living recruiters helping match candidates to assisted living jobs by offering a personalized process based on decades of combined expertise in a myriad of related fields and competency areas, including healthcare delivery, career recruiting, senior living, and entrepreneurship as a whole. BHA consistently creates connections and builds relationships for the best possible outcomes. BHA recruits at all levels; C-Suite, Community positions and, support roles.


We provide comprehensive, personalized, proven recruitment services to clients ranging from major senior living companies to single-owner assisted living and independent living communities. LEARN MORE »


Access the best assisted living jobs — exclusive openings with prestigious senior living providers. We skillfully match candidates to their ideal positions using a personal, one-on-one approach. LEARN MORE »


Working exclusively in the senior living space, we excel at identifying the best possible fit for both clients and candidates in terms of company culture, competencies, attitudes and values. LEARN MORE »

Senior Living Recruiting Approach Based on Decades of Experience

BHA continues to uphold its original commitment to residents and their needs, through its proven, resident-centered approach to senior living recruiting, helping candidates find assisted living jobs with the world’s leading providers. Every assisted living recruiter on the team shares this commitment to fostering supportive communities and comfortable, enjoyable environments for today’s seniors. Every candidate is viewed in terms of the ultimate impact the individual and role will have on community residents, while BHA simultaneously taps into best practices in sales, marketing and lead generation, providing networking opportunities to professionals and fostering connections with talent across the industry. Hiring for senior living is unlike hiring in any other industry. When resident satisfaction is on the line with every hire, you need an assisted living recruiter with an in-depth understanding of the field.

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