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Title: Director of Sales, CCRC Development
Location: New York, NY

Primary Purpose for the Director of Sales, CCRC:  

The primary purpose of the Director of Sales role is to provide leadership to, and management of, the sales team; sell priority reservations initially and then residences at the Community to ensure sales and occupancy goals are met.  As the Director of Sales, you are delegated the responsibility and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned tasks. The Director of Sales may be responsible for devoting 75-100% of the time to direct sales (initially).

Qualifications for the Director of Sales, CCRC:  

Bachelor’s Degree preferred.  Significant and documented experience in direct sales and managing sales teams (minimum 3 years), preferably in the senior living industry.  Blue Sky experience. Demonstrated ability to identify leads, qualify leads and close sales. Excellent writing, speaking and presentation skills.  Strong interpersonal skills, proven leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Essential Functions of the Director of Sales, CCRC:  
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of positive emphasis, accountability and personal interest throughout the Sales office and the Community.
  • Develop and maintain a good working rapport with interdepartmental staff as well as other departments to assure that services and programs are properly maintained to meet the desires of the Community, prospects and residents.
  • Know and be able to explain the following:
    • Benefits of residing within a Community and lifestyle of a CCRC environment
    • History and management structure of the Community
    • Policies, services, amenities and procedures
    • Fee structure(s) and contract type(s), residency agreements, disclosure statements, offering plans, escrow agreements, current incentive programs and financial options; provide input/modifications/changes to programs and documents as needed
    • Types and availability of floor plans; standard design elements/equipment
  • Assume budget accountability.
  • Learn and utilize the CRM to manage leads and produce up-to-date, accurate reports. Ensure that all daily contacts with leads are kept current in the database. Possess strong computer proficiency.
  • Prepare and defend weekly, monthly and quarterly sales reports as required by senior management in monitoring achievement of sales and occupancy goals.
  • Participate in and internalize sales training programs.  Provide positive reinforcement of training programs to sales staff through personal example.
  • Provide support and assistance and advice to sales staff regarding the handling of prospects when necessary/required. Establish standard work methods, set and/or manage to established benchmarks/metrics; make recommendations to staff members regarding ideas for positive change or improvement.
  • Manage the contact of new qualified leads; respond to new leads in a timely manner; maintain timely communication with existing leads.
  • Review and give initial approval of all prospect Residency Agreements and financial statements or other correspondence that concerns contractual obligations prior to sending for Senior Management approval.
  • Acquire new sales and sustain them through residency.  Monitor sales and move-in goals, providing weekly statistics regarding occupancy, leads and presentations. Make sales presentations to interested prospects and provide sales guidance to staff.
  • Develop a strong network among referral sources to nurture public opinion of the Community as well as provide referrals to the Community.
  • Maintain information of area competition and stay abreast of any significant changes or trends in the surrounding senior marketplace.
  • Oversee the Move-In Coordinator function.
    • Meet weekly or as needed with the Move In Coordinator/Marketing Assistant to review all current and pending move in needs.
    • Support the MIC with other departments within the Community to ensure a stress-free experience.
    • Establish and review with MIC the monthly move-in goals and provide support where needed to achieve goals, including meeting with prospective residents as needed.
  • Assist in creating the annual sales and marketing strategy/plan in collaboration with an outside marketing team, department staff and supervisor. Generate new, qualified leads; maintain timely communication with existing leads; acquire new sales; and sustain contract holders to move-in.
  • Create and coordinate special event and group functions of an informal, social or entertainment nature that will draw prospects, as well as important referral groups to the community.
  • Coordinates networking and PR activities for Community with outside marketing team.  Maintains strong community presence through membership in local community-based organizations and professional contacts.
Other Responsibilities/Functions:
  • Work weekends and evenings as necessary/required or to close a sale.
  • Call upon prospects in their homes as needed.  May transport prospects within a reasonable distance.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).
  • Serve on committees of the organization as appointed by the Management team.
  • Assist in preparing departmental budgets.
  • Ensure position functions and responsibilities within the Sales & Marketing Department are carried out promptly for an efficient operation.
  • Motivate, coach, provide leadership, counsel and evaluate Sales staff, including participating in annual reviews.
  • Maintain professional growth and development through attendance at seminars, workshops and professional affiliations.
  • Follow HIPPA Rules and Regulations.
  • Abide by the organization’s code of conduct in the performance of your duties.
Relation to Other Positions:
  • Report to the outside marketing Sales consulting team; follow recommended processes for achieving successful, timely results
  • Work closely with outside team  for Marketing to produce lead generating events, provide feedback; reinforce marketing messages with internal training of staff.
  • Must be able to deal tactfully with residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public. Must possess the ability to work harmoniously with other personnel.

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