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Find Assisted Living Recruiters.
Spray and Pray

Why ‘Spray and Pray’ Syndrome Won’t Land You Your Dream Job, and What You Should Be Doing. Talk with our Assisted Living Recruiters to Streamline Your Search and find the perfect Assisted Living Job.

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The Modern Resume

7 Simple Rules for Maximum Effectiveness Despite many advances in modern technology, resumes haven’t really changed much over the years. While many are now delivered via email rather than old-fashioned snail mail, the modern resume still contains much of the same information, often presented in the same formats we’ve been seeing for decades. Hiring managers still stick to what’s safe and what’s been working (or, at least, managing to facilitate the process) for the past 60-plus years. But back to…

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Work with the Elderly

Work with the Elderly? Why Everyone Should (at Some Point in Their Lives) Dining services. Caregiving. Transportation. Coordinating activities. These are just a few of the multitude of careers that provide ample opportunities to spend quality time with the elderly. Whether you’re seeking employment at an independent living community, assisted living community, nursing home, memory care community, or even a community senior center or home health care agency, careers are plentiful. Compassionate employees are in high demand all across the…

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Veterans Day
A Veterans Day Tribute

This Veterans Day, A Story About Why I Do What I Do This Veterans Day, giving thanks to the brave men and women who fought to protect our freedom and defend the honour of our country is more important than ever. I’d like to introduce you to Col. Julius Blatt, Ret., one of the most influential men in my life who played an integral role in the shaping of my higher purpose in this world: to serve the needs of…

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Interview Tips | I’m sorry, what did you say?

Interview Tips Face-to-Face Relationship Skills Series: What Did You Say? Even if your non-verbal communication skills are stellar, you can still bomb a face-to-face interview if you don’t speak clearly and with confidence. If the interviewer is struggling to understand you or must ask you to repeat yourself because your words aren’t coming across clearly, you can give the impression that you lack confidence or that you’re not a skilled communicator. Clear communication impacts likeability A 2011 study conducted by researchers…

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Shake It Up Baby!

Interview Tips Face-to-Face Relationship Skills Series: The Handshake Are you a limp fish? Your handshake speaks volumes about your confidence and ability to physically connect with others. You can bet that upon entering an office for a face-to-face job interview, you’ll be shaking hands with at least one person – probably before you have a chance to say much at all about who you are and why you’re qualified for the position. Your handshake is a big determinant of the…

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Applying for a job? Be Upfront

Being upfront in a job interview is critical to landing the job – and keeping it. Why? Dishonesty, even lying by omission regarding essential information about your background and skills, could easily cost you the job you’ve been trying to win. In all of our faults as humans, we tend to brush things under the carpet. Everyone makes mistakes, right? Maybe your past doesn’t bring out the best in you or accurately reflect your personality today or your potential as…

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You Lookin’ At Me?

Face-to-face Interview Skills Series Intimacy may be an issue for many people, but when it comes to face-to-face interviewing, you must put any insecurities aside and demonstrate your confidence. Making eye contact is critical during these initial interactions with potential employers. In fact, according to Psychology Today, eye contact is the strongest form of non-verbal communication. Build rapport and establish trust with eye contact Eye contact is essential for building rapport and establishing trust with the people you’re conversing with, whether it’s a hiring…

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