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Recruiter Taps Uber to Save the Day

Assisted Living Recruiter finds a path for Candidate

Many job-seekers think they don’t need to enlist the help of a recruiter to land a dream job in the senior living industry. Sure, you can visit every assisted living company’s website, search their careers section, scour the online job boards and tap into your professional network on your own. You might even land a lucrative position with a leading assisted living provider. But will you land your dream job?

Recruiters often have access to exclusive and confidential job openings that aren’t advertised on mainstream job boards. This is especially true in the senior living field, where competition is tight for key positions and finding the right person for the job is critical to resident satisfaction.

Why would they want to sift through hundreds of resumes when they could use a recruiter to send them a streamlined, highly qualified pool of candidates? It makes sense for companies to utilize the services of a recruiter who specializes in the field, and smart candidates want to be a part of that exclusive candidate pool.

There are plenty of less obvious ways a recruiter can make the difference between landing just any job and the position you’ve always wanted. Case in point: Introducing you to an app called Uber when you find yourself sitting along the road with a broken-down vehicle, about to be late to interview for the job of your dreams.

Just the other day, I had a candidate heading to the final face-to-face interview for an assisted living position that she was perfectly suited for, and it just so happened to be the job of her dreams. On the way to the interview, her car broke down. Because, you know, these things always happen at the most opportune times.

She called me in a panic, thinking her shot at her dream job was vanishing before her eyes. Not so. I, being the positive-thinker that I am – often to the point of being irritatingly optimistic – immediately had the perfect solution. The solution was a simple one: Uber. It’s a smartphone app that provides instant access to a car and your own personal driver in major cities across the U.S. Not a taxi service, per say, and there’s no standing on the street desperately waving for a cab driver to notice you.

She downloaded it, secured a car and driver and was back on her way within minutes.

While all that was happening, I put in a call to the hiring manager and explained the situation. My candidate? Arrived just a few minutes late to her interview, and ended up landing the job.

Technology is an incredible resource in times of crisis, with tools like Uber providing a lifeline in what could otherwise be hopeless situations. Being on your way to an interview for a highly coveted position and having a savvy recruiter who thinks quickly on his feet on your side, well, that just sweetens the deal.

This example is just one of many that illustrates precisely why it’s always helpful to have a recruiter on your side. You never know what can happen through the course of the job-seeking process, and recruiters have been there, done that, in just about every situation you can imagine. Plus, having an eternal optimist in your corner helps you get in that positive mindset that brings amazing opportunities to your door.

With so many tools and resources at our fingertips, no one should ever feel defeated in the face of an uphill battle.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this example:

  1. Never, ever give up.
  2. There is always a solution, no matter how heavily the cards are stacked against you.
  3. Tap into your network of resources, and reach out for help. Brainstorming on your issue leads to innovative solutions to problems, sometimes even opening the door to new opportunities.

Go into every situation with a win-win solution in mind and seek to align yourself with positive mentors and collaborators to ensure your success. When you’re searching for your dream job in assisted living, a recruiter specializing in the industry is a valuable asset to help you achieve your goals. Optimism begets optimism, and a little positive thinking goes a long way in achieving your dreams.

And while you’re working on that positive thinking, go ahead and take a free ride with Uber – on me. Use my Uber promo code, b85td, and get $30 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it by clicking here.

It’s simple, really. At Bradley Harris & Associates, we aim to bring dignity back to the job search – whatever it takes.

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