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Maintenance Director In Senior Living
Why A Career In Senior Living As Maintenance Director Will Be Your Most Rewarding Yet

If you’re considering a career in senior living as the Maintenance Director, then know that it’s an incredibly rewarding path to take. It’s a role that not only requires your organizational and planning skills to keep a community running smoothly but also a chance to forge a connection with the residents who live there. Although working with the elderly may present occasional trying moments, for the majority of the time, it will be a very fulfilling part of your working…

Benefits Of An Employee Referral
The Not So Secret Benefits Of An Employee Referral

If we’re letting you in on a secret, then we’re surprised. Employee referrals are the number one source of quality candidates in the industry. As recruiters, we have had resounding success setting up referral programs for our clients, as well as providing referrals through our own Talent Ambassador Program. Through these, employers are able to place talented people in roles and communities where they thrive. Referrals are so successful because they benefit everyone involved. Employers get access to better quality…

Retention Strategies
Is Your All-Star Staff Walking Out The Door? Try These Retention Strategies

Employee turnover has increased dramatically in recent years. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) investigates the ‘quits rate’ seasonally. Their latest preliminary figures from July 2020 reported a 2.1% rate of workers voluntarily leaving their jobs, despite the ongoing pandemic. Although this rate dropped in March this year, it has been climbing back up towards levels seen in July 2019. The unfortunate thing is that this is fully within the observed pattern. Before this, the number of employees leaving their…

Senior Living Blog To Reassure Prospects
Using Your Senior Living Blog To Reassure Prospects and Families During Times Of Uncertainty

Are you using your senior living blog to its full potential? Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to the impact and importance of having an authoritative and informative blog section on your website. Not only can you use it to help boost your SEO rankings for better visibility online, but you can also reinforce trust and provide reassurance to prospects and their families during times of uncertainty.  Why Have A Blog On Your Website As a marketing tool, maintaining a…

Preparing For The Future Of Assisted Living
Pivoting Strategies In Times Of Change: Preparing For The Future Of Assisted Living

The arrival of the pandemic brought about changes for business owners across the world. Operations had to be adjusted quickly and new processes were put into place with very little time to prepare. Now that the reaction phase is over, it’s time to pivot strategies and look to the future of assisted living with more permanent strategies in mind.  Business as usual isn’t going to cut it, and taking a reactive stance to sales, marketing, housing, and operations is not…

Interim Careers In Assisted Living
Interim Careers in Assisted Living: Is There A Suitable Role For You?

Before we dive into why there most certainly are suitable interim careers in Assisted Living for you, let’s first be clear on what an interim role is.  An interim position is usually fulfilled for a temporary period while recruiters or managers are searching for their ideal candidate.  Or, this could also take place while a specific department within a company is experiencing reorganization. As a candidate, it’s a great opportunity to step in and make an impact quickly in an…

Transforming The Reputation Of HR By Addressing Employee Perceptions
Transforming The Reputation Of HR By Addressing Employee Perceptions

Study results published in an article on Inc. revealed shocking statistics surrounding the perception of HR by employees. A whopping 37% of them admitted that they wouldn’t report sexual harassment in the workplace, while 43% would think twice about reporting discrimination. Considering that the purpose of HR is to support the workforce, why is that so many people have poor perceptions of this department?  Stats like this translate into serious repercussions for the business. Diminished loyalty in the workforce, high…

Providers Get Your Top Talent From Qualified Assisted Living Referral Sources
Providers Get Your Top Talent From Qualified Assisted Living Referral Sources

Sourcing top talent can be tricky if you’re only advertising on job boards or your careers site. As professional recruiters serving the assisted living industry, we know that the true golden girl or boy can be found through referrals. The benefits of finding employees this way are manifold, and we’ll explore these along with the various avenues to turn to and get referrals in this post. After reading it, you’ll have a better idea of where and how to find…

10 Assisted Living Interview Questions Applicants Can Expect To Be Asked
10 Assisted Living Interview Questions Applicants Can Expect To Be Asked

People who choose a career in assisted living are usually patient, dedicated to their work, empathetic, and determined to enrich the lives of the elderly community they work for. If you’re in the market for a new job, interviewers will ask questions that are structured to bring these qualities to light in your personality and experience. To help you be better prepared, we’ve put together a list of assisted living interview questions that you might be asked next time you’re…

5 Job Search Tips To Land The Perfect Role In Senior Living Care
5 Job Search Tips To Land The Perfect Role In Senior Living Care

Finding the right role in senior living means being strategic and applying expert job search tips in your approach. Not only are the work options often seemingly endless thanks to technology and the connections it provides to websites, recruiters, job boards, and so on, but people also have different ideas of what they want from work. It’s no longer enough to take a spray and pray approach to finding and landing the ideal role. Nowadays, people place a higher value…