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Talent Acquisition Strategy Senior Living Employers
4 Talent Acquisition Strategies To Attract Top Quality Senior Living Candidates

As a senior living employer, your talent acquisition strategy is the foundation on which to build your recruitment initiatives. It is how you aim to attract the cream of the crop in senior living candidates.  Appearing as just another run of the mill employer won’t land you a date with a talented candidate you want to hire.   So, what is it that you’ll need to do as a business to make sure your offer comes across as a once in…

Technology In Senior Living
Can AI Make A Meaningful Impact In Senior Living?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is not going to leave the senior living industry untouched. In fact, the global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our use of AI and technology greatly. In senior living communities, the two have many benefits. One of the more stand-out ones is the fact that AI could make senior care more effective for residents. It can also benefit senior living communities and the staff in general. This article will explore some exciting impacts we can…

Director Of Sales
How To Hire A Director Of Sales Who Prioritizes Seniors’ Livelihood

In the senior living industry, the Director of Sales is generally extremely passionate about what they do. Now is also a difficult time to engage with prospects and their families, so the person really needs to know how to demonstrate that their priorities are the seniors’ livelihoods if they are to sign up new residents to your community. If you are in the process of or about to hire someone new for this role, we will walk you through some…

Resume Keywords
Are You Using The Right Resume Keywords?

Using the right resume keywords can really improve your visibility to employers performing a job search. First, let’s consider what a keyword actually is. It is an informative word or concept that carries significance. People use keywords in their searches to find content. Resume keywords are very important to include in your job application for a senior living role. This is because Applicant Tracking Systems will look for them when gathering and processing resumes.  Applicant Tracking Systems scan and score…

How To Nail An Interview
How To Nail An Interview For The Assisted Living Role You Have Always Wanted (& what not to do)

You know it; first impressions last. When going for an interview to fill an assisted living role, these first impressions can make or break your chances of getting the job. With this in mind, we’re going to focus on how to nail an interview and knock the ball out of the park, helping you to avoid any cringe-worthy moments. How To Nail An Interview In Assisted Living Set Yourself Up For Success If you want the position on offer, be…

Dining Trends For Senior Living
Chefs! Here Are The Latest Senior Living Dining Trends You Need To Know

There is nothing quite like a good meal to bring people together, and we could all do with some extra happiness at the moment. Chefs in senior living have been given a tasty responsibility to transform dining into an experience that celebrates life unlike before.  So, what are the latest senior living dining trends, and how is your community making the most of the opportunity to allow residents to feel like life tastes just a little bit sweeter? Senior Living…

Voice Search For Senior Living Providers
Voice Search Explained For Senior Living

Voice search is talked about a lot these days in relation to SEO. The experts make a case for its rising popularity, beginning with the stat that 50% of all internet searches are expected to be voice-based in 2020. For marketers in the senior living industry, optimizing your content for this kind of search method can help you to reach potential new clients online. It can also mean greater recruitment opportunities, as you can reach technology-inclined candidates who use their…

How To Stand Out In A Job Search
How To Stand Out In a Job Search and Land Your Dream Assisted Living Role

If you need to know how to stand out in a job search – this is the blog post for you. Finding a job can sometimes feel a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are times when you can’t seem to get an interview and others when it’s simply hard to narrow down what you’re looking for. It can be the same for recruiters and employers. Sifting through endless applications can be tiresome and repetitive.…

Interview Checklist
Hire Stronger Assisted Living Candidates Using This Interview Checksheet

Raise your hand if you absolutely love conducting interviews. We thought as much. Regardless of how you feel about them, it’s a task that someone needs to do. If that person is you, then there are certain skills involved in landing great candidates who can contribute to the community in the long run. To help you in your quest to hire stronger Assisted Living professionals, we’ve put together a solid interview checksheet you can refer to. Your Interview Checksheet To…

Millennials Job Turnover
How Senior Living Providers Can Tap Into The Millennials Talent Market

When it comes to millennials, job turnover is often thought to be an emerging problem. Job hoppers and technology fiends, this generation faces many negative stereotypes. However, these are not necessarily true, and these younger workers have much to offer the workforce. Millennials are tech-savvy, aware, and can offer fresh perspectives. This generation is also the largest and fastest-growing segment of the working population. By 2025, 75% of the US workforce will be comprised of millennials.  These workers are looking…