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How Senior Living Providers Can Tap Into The Millennials Talent Market

Millennials Job Turnover

When it comes to millennials, job turnover is often thought to be an emerging problem. Job hoppers and technology fiends, this generation faces many negative stereotypes. However, these are not necessarily true, and these younger workers have much to offer the workforce.

Millennials are tech-savvy, aware, and can offer fresh perspectives. This generation is also the largest and fastest-growing segment of the working population. By 2025, 75% of the US workforce will be comprised of millennials. 

These workers are looking for specific qualities in their careers. Knowing what these are can help senior living employers understand how to attract young employees and prevent millennials’ job turnover. 

Ways For Providers To Attract and Prevent Millennials Job Turnover

1. Use Technology For Recruiting

Technology For Recruiting

To attract millennials in the first place, and then go on to retain them, you need to demonstrate that your business embraces technology. 

This workforce is on the lookout for indicators such as an eye-catching and informative website, relevant and up to date social media profiles, as well as a digital recruitment process to signal the employer’s affinity for technology.

These are also their sources for information about your community. If they can’t find the details they need or don’t like what they see, there’s a good chance you won’t attract them in the first place, let alone get to the point where you have to work out how to prevent turnover. 

Within the community itself, they will also be aware of whether the company is using technology for day to day use. This is in terms of admin and other day-to-day operating functions. Millennials typically prefer working with efficient online systems over stacks of papers and slow administrative processes.

2. Propose Purpose

Job satisfaction for this generation includes more than money and professional recognition. There are intrinsic and idiosyncratic motivators involved too. That’s why working with the elderly can be such a fulfilling job for them, as they can really contribute and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Senior Housing providers, therefore, need to make their company values and purpose clear to potential recruits. When highlighted to this workforce, these aspects of your organization can attract the talent you’re looking for.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that money and recognition are not needed. However, having a conversation about a career development path and growth opportunities is likely to have more weight when it comes to finding meaning in work.

3. Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Young workers value feedback and are more engaged when managers take an interest in their positions. This can be done by holding regular meetings and providing constructive feedback to each person. 

Managers can also act as mentors or coaches who actively work with employees to develop their skills and help them grow in their careers. Having a knowledgeable person to turn to can boost your employees’ confidence and abilities. It will also enforce positive relationships between the levels of your organization to reduce millennials’ job turnover. 

If you’re to get the most from your millennial workforce, they need to feel valued and appreciated, as well as know that there is personal interest being taken in their development.

4. Keep Your Workforce Engaged

If employees aren’t engaged in the community, this is likely going to result in high turnover. A lack of engagement will mean that young workers do not find the job meaningful. In this case, they are likely to try to find another position that they consider more in line with their wants and needs. 

Your senior housing organization should have an engaging and unique culture. Including employees in discussions where they can put forward ideas will make them feel heard. It will also make them feel as though their ideas for improvement are valued.  

Employees should be aware of the aspects that set your company apart. Development opportunities are essential, along with training and other skill advancements. These characteristics will make young workers feel less stagnant in their jobs and will help millennial retention.

Final Thoughts

When employers are looking to recruit millennials, job turnover can be a worry. Finding the right worker in the first place is important for retaining your top staff. For this reason, making use of an assisted living recruiting team like Bradley Harris & Associates is invaluable. 

Millennials are already the largest segment of the workforce. By implementing the measures we’ve discussed, you can increase the attraction and retention of young workers in your senior living community.

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