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6 Reasons Why Assisted Living Providers Turn To A Recruiting Team For Their Hiring Needs
6 Reasons Why Providers Turn To An Assisted Living Recruiting Team For Their Hiring Needs

In the search for talent, assisted living providers should be turning to a specialized recruiting team to source and fill positions. Given the current situation with the pandemic, it’s even more critical for the team to be on top of its game. Leaving roles unfulfilled in an assisted living community now can lead to the standard of care dropping at a time when it’s crucial it doesn’t. Here’s what a team with industry relationships and connections can do for your…

Urgent Hiring Needs_Here's Your Plan Of Action
Urgent Hiring Needs Keeping You Up? Here’s Your Plan Of Action

With COVID-19 causing unexpected vacancies which require urgent filling, senior living providers have been under even more pressure than usual to hire suitable candidates at the drop of a hat – candidates who are hard to find as it is, which can lead to the industry being under-staffed at the best of times.  With resourcefulness being the prized skill of the day, management has had to pull out all the stops to maintain care in the community, despite the staff…

Displaced Hospitality Workers_Have You Considered Joining The Assisted Living Industry
Displaced Hospitality Workers: Have You Considered Joining The Assisted Living Industry?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality industry with a sizeable portion of hospitality workers either experiencing layoffs or being furloughed. If you fall under the category of displaced hospitality workers, then working in assisted living can offer you a lifeline in these times of uncertainty. Of course, this is not something new, we’ve always welcomed and desired hospitality workers. Assisted Living communities face employee shortages in the best of times, with the industry outpacing…

How Every Executive Director of Assisted Living Is Handling The Pressures of COVID
Executive Director of Assisted Living? Wow Your Plate Is Full – Learn How Executive Director’s are Handling the Pressures of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has every executive director of assisted living communities scrambling to reconfigure operations while maintaining a sense of normality for residents and staff. Not only have you had to devise and implement stricter safety protocols, but you have also had to manage and source employees, keep up morale, as well as mobilize resources. This is on top of handling communication to update residents and their families on the status of the community.  On the positive side, you are…

Senior Living Activities Director_How COVID Has Broken the Group Setting
Senior Living Activities – How COVID Has Broken the Group Setting

As a senior living activities director, your job has certainly been cut out for you during Covid-19. With the continued pandemic, our worlds have been turned upside down. However, this is not always a bad thing. In the article, we’ll look into how providers and managers have had to relook at their group norm strategies and the trends in senior living. It is also important to carefully consider the repercussions for residents and how this is addressed. What Does The…

What's The Best Way To Find a New Job
If I’m Out Of Work, What’s The Best Way To Find a New Job?

You are not alone if you are a qualified senior or assisted living professional currently seeking meaningful employment in the industry. The good news is that, even outside of the pandemic, you are likely in demand. The US Department of Labor lists several health care industry roles as some of the fastest-growing occupations with predictions that senior assistance jobs are expected to increase dramatically in the next 10 years. As COVID-19 infiltrates society, senior living communities are fast-tracking employment as…

Interviews the Latest Techniques Before the [physical] Eye-to-Eye Meeting
Interviews – the Latest Techniques Before the [physical] Eye-to-Eye Meeting

Interviewing techniques have become an important prerequisite in ensuring that both the interviewer and interviewee reach their goal. The goal is finding the most suitable candidate, but also remembering to give each pre-qualified applicant a fair chance.  Much like dating.  The article will look at preparation, timing, bias, and whether the interviewer had achieved that which they set out to do initially. Assisted living job interviews should be led by interviewing techniques as a way to hire candidates who are…

Why You Should Be Doubling Down On Your Sales and Marketing Efforts
Why You Should Be Doubling Down On Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Like many other aspects of business, sales and marketing continue to evolve. Now more than ever, it should be used to its full potential to make people aware of the opportunities senior living provides.  During times like the present, our industry can provide a safe social environment and in other cases, senior living provides advanced care to residents when it is most needed. The article will outline why now is the time to double down on your efforts. We also…

Resume Tips and Tricks To Stand Out From The Competition
Resume Tips and Tricks To Stand Out From The Competition

Crafting the perfect CV is somewhat of an art, and resume tips to guide assisted living candidates are increasingly helpful. After all, this document needs to hook the attention of the recruiter in a very short time window. In this article, we will provide you with advice to make your resume stand out from the competition in the Senior Living industry. As professional assisted living recruiters, we know firsthand what you should be aware of. Resume Tips – What Do…

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips To Optimize For Better Visibility
5 LinkedIn Profile Tips To Optimize For Better Visibility

As a senior living professional, you will have given thought to the viability of LinkedIn in your search to find a top job. Having a solid LinkedIn profile can stand you in good stead.  It is, however, going to take a little bit of effort to get your profile in top shape. This article provides some LinkedIn profiles tips on what you need to change or implement so that your profile catches the eyes of those that matter the most. …